A journey across Umbrian Appennins  to Langhe hills: a path of flavours and botanicals held in the Italian Wolf memory.


This Italian Gin arises from the stops and regions met during an imaginary Italian Wolf’s Journey which began more then 40 years ago from the Central Italian Appenins to the Alps near Langhe.



This gin born in Montelupo Albese (Literally Wolf Mountain) a small village in the middle of the Langhe Hills. A place surrounded by the nature famous in the past for wolf packs.

It was thought that they had left this territory forever, but in the last few years they are back and now they live furtive in the woods, vineyards and hazelnut trees of the area.

We selected the best Italian botanicals that this wolf met during his journey to return to Piedmont, now that his adventure has ended

Wolf Rest

The best part of this story?
It’s not storytelling. It’s real.