Wolfrest Gin Alba


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Wolfrest Alba is a super premium gin made solely with  Piedmontese botanicals – only three – for a complex & intense aroma anda really unique style:

Fresh Alba White Truffle with its unmistakable scents richness and complexity; Handpicked wild Piedmontese juniper berries, deeply aromatic; Roasted Langhe hazelnuts give roundness and smoothness

Wolfrest Alba is a Gin with an uncommon complexity and a slightly peaty aftertaste. This reminds the damp soils where our famous white truffles born spontaneously. 

A gin unique, with a strong personality:
taste it straight, finding out all its botanicals hints!

A new special recipe of Wolfrest with Alba White Truffles: the perfect combination for discovering Piedmont essence!

500 ml – 45%alc/vol

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