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Wolfrest is a Premium Distilled Dry Gin produced in Piedmont and made solely with botanicals cultivated and collected in Italy: Juniper berries come from Umbria, Pernambucco Sweet Orange (Liguria), Piedmont Eldel Flower and Langhe Botanicals: Bay Leaf, Thyme, Wild Rosemary, Hazelnut from our hills.

Olfattive Notes: It is immediately possible to recognise the scent of roasted hazelnuts, one of the most characteristic notes of Wolfrest; Juniper and

rosemary perfumes persistently embrace and imbue this gin. At the end you then note the sweet and fresh aroma of citrus from the Ligurian orange. Finally Elderflower balances and harmonises the scents together

Tasting Notes: A delicate gin with a persistent body, smooth and round thanks to the richness of local hazelnuts. Umbrian Juniper, famous for moderate tannins gives a very intense taste supported by typical mediterranean botanicals sush as thyme, allorum and wild rosemary.
Sweetness and freshness comes from the only one sweet orange cultivated in the north of Italy, from Pernambucco in Liguria.

A very delicate and flavoured gin, perfect mixed but incredibly easy to drink neat insted as a whisky or a grappa at the end of a meal.

500 ml – 43% alc/vol

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