Internet is plenty of gin and tonic recipes but the truth is that any gin needs different ingredients and quantities:

What is the best tonic water?

For a dry gin, you need a sweet or aromatized tonic water, but if your gin as smooth and round like Wolfrest Gin the best choice is a dry and neutral flavor tonic water.

Ingredients for a perfect Gin&Tonic:

• 1/4 of Gin (50 ml)
• 3/4 of tonic Water (150 ml)
• Ice
• Garnish

Put in a balloon glass ice, tonic water and gin and stir with a cocktail spoon. Garnish and serve.

The quantity of tonic water are not carved in stone! Anyone can add the right quantity for their taste.

The garnish depends by the gin botanicals, for example for Wolfrest Gin – dry orange slices, rosemary, juniper berries or thyme are perfect, but lemon are not the best garnish because change negatively the taste of the gin and tonic.

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