Wolfrest: Italian Gin from Langhe Hills

Wolfrest is made with a selection of seven botanicals grown and collected solely in Italy. Herbs and fruits typical of the Italian territory and Mediterranean climate.

We started with Umbrian Juniper and Pernambucco Sweet Orange from the Liguria region. 

The other five botanicals arrive from Piedmont, where this gin is distilled.

The floral note comes from Elder Petal which grows wild in the woods near our lakes and rivers.

Our most characteristic essences arrive from Langhe, Roasted Hazelnuts harmonise the gin and fit perfectly with Bay leaf, Thyme and Wild Rosemary all collected in Montelupo Albese.

A Smooth and Round Gin

The scent as the taste of all the botanics are well balanced reaching a gentle equilibrium.
Umbrian Juniper, famous for delicate tannins gives a very intense flavour working in harmony with the typical mediterranean scents of Allorum, Rosemary and Thyme.

Sweetness and freshness draw from the only sweet citrus fruit cultivated in the north of Italy, Pernambucco Orange. Elder embellishes and adds complexity to the scent of Wolfrest Gin.

A light toasting gives our local hazelnuts warm and embracing notes that add a smoothness and roundness to this distillation.