Wolfrest Gin Alba


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The incredible aromatic concentration of the rare Piedmontese Juniper berries, the richness of our roasted hazelnuts picked up on our hills and the elegance of our prestigious Alba White Truffle with the unique intensity of its scents.

Wolfrest Alba is a Gin with an uncommon complexity and a slightly peaty after-taste. This reminds the damp soils where our famous white truffles born spontaneously.

A  new special recipe of Wolfrest with Alba White truffle: the perfect combination for discovering Piedmont essence.A Gin unique, with a strong personality: taste it neat, finding out the all its botanicals hints!

Our gin is made strictly only with fresh Alba White Truffle. No extracts

Wolf(rest) trip never stops…

Departing from Alps Mountains peaks, going through the most remotes areas of “Alta Langa” hills – now it arrives in Alba: Langhe’s capital

Wolfrest ALBA
1Gin • 3 sole botanicals • 100% Piedmont

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