Passion for Gin and Love for Piedmont

We started to imagine Wolfrest Gin on a winters evening, in our home, located in Montelupo Albese, a small village in the heart of Langhe. 

Our village is on the top of a Langhe hill not too far from the Ligurian Seaside and enjoys a gentle sea breeze. 

We wanted to reflect our hills, renowned worldwide for the prestigious Barolo wine, and incorporate our favourite and the most representative botanicals of the area; Hazelnuts and Mediterranean Herbs which in these lands grow luxuriant and perfumed.

Ph. Credit: Silvia Muratore

Conceived as a family project, this Gin is born from our personality and skills, so different but at the same time complementary.

For months we worked on the exclusive recipe, to find the right balance and the best botanical expression.

With the same care we create in person all aspects of communication, photography, illustrations and packaging try to instil the same passion that we have for this project

Valentina e Giovanni